Recovery and Resilience Plan Invests €610 Million in Building Energy Efficiency

Around half of the amount has been allocated to energy efficiency and environmental measures in residential buildings.

The Portuguese Minister for the Environment and Climate Action, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, said that Portugal’s Recovery and Resilience Plan would provide 610 million euros in financing over the next five years for energy efficiency and improving the environmental performance of buildings, according to the government website.

At this week’s opening of the VII Lisbon Urban Rehabilitation Week, João Pedro Matos Fernandes said that as part of the support that will have similar conditions to the Support Programme for More Sustainable Buildings, around 300 million euros will be allocated to energy and environmental efficiency measures in residential buildings.

The remaining 310 million euros will be divided between 240 million euros for energy efficiency in public administration buildings and 70 million euros for services, focusing on tourism.

The Environment and Climate Action Minister also noted that the application of funds will have to obey energy efficiency and environmental criteria, directed at the renovation of homes or public buildings, such as hospitals or health centres, and added that support initiatives would cover households with lower incomes. In the case of low-income families suffering from energy poverty, the support would include a co-funding rate “which could even reach 100%, depending on the income level.”

Portugal is thus betting on a sustainable development strategy based on decarbonisation and energy transition, based on a more competitive and resilient development model, reducing energy dependence from abroad and valuing natural resources.