Tourism: Overnights Increased by 45.2% In 2021

The UK remained the main source market for tourists travelling to Portugal last year.

According to data published yesterday by the National Statistics Institute, the tourist accommodation sector hosted 1.1 million guests for a total of 2.6 million overnight stays in December 2021, increases of 150.0% and 170.4%, respectively (+265.0% and +287.2% in November). However, the figures for December 2021 were lower than in December 2019, falling 28.9% for guests and 26.7% for overnight stays.

The domestic market contributed 1.1 million overnight stays (+92.6%), while external markets totalled 1.5 million (+292.5%). Compared to December 2019, there were decreases in both resident (-12.2%) and non-resident (-34.9%) overnight stays. 36.0% of tourist accommodation establishments were closed or had no guests (vs 34.8% in November).

According to preliminary data for 2021, tourist accommodation establishments hosted 14.5 million guests and 37.5 million overnight stays, equal to increases of 39.4% and 45.2% (-61.6% and -63.2% in 2020, respectively). Compared to the same period in 2019, the number of guests decreased by 46.4%, while overnight stays fell by 46.6% (-10.9% for residents and -62.0% for non-residents).

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