Aura REE Portugal joins IES (International Ethical Standards)

Adherence to IES is a recognition of Aura REE Portugal as a company with high integrity.

Aura REE Portugal has just announced that it is now a member of IES (International Ethics Standards) as a Business Supporter of the organisation. IES is an international organization/coalition of Ethical Standards, which aims to maintain and promote a universal set of ethical principles for real estate and related professions.

These are the main objectives of what is a worldwide coalition of real estate and related professional organisations, which have come together to affirm the role of ethics in real estate in order to respond to the needs of the current global market.

According to José Covas, Managing Partner & Head of Portugal at Aura REE “Business ethics involves a guiding standard for values, behaviour, and decision-making. Being adherent to the IES is recognition of Aura REE Portugal as a company with high integrity and a solid reputation in the Portuguese real estate market.”

The IES organisation has published the International Standards of Ethics (IES Documents) which consist of high-level principles implemented by coalition organisations, providing greater consistency for users of professional services.

As the real estate professions change and become increasingly international, the approach to developing and strengthening professional ethics must also change.

According to the International Ethics Standards (IES) “real estate is integral to entire societies and economies, shapes and influences the world in which we live, and represents a significant proportion of all global wealth. For this reason, professionals have a duty to maintain the highest standards throughout the world.”

About International Ethics Standards

It is the result of a series of organisations from around the world coming together to produce, for the first time, a set of shared high-level ethical principles for those operating in the land, property, construction, infrastructure, and related professions.

Beginning with a meeting at the United Nations in New York in 2014, the coalition agreed to create a shared standard to help ensure higher levels of global professionalism to promote consistency.

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