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Two New Retirement Homes to Open in Oeiras and Coimbra in a €16-Million Investment

Círculo de Mestres joined a group of investors to develop the new units.

Senior Care Homes: Orpea Looks to Invest in 24 Residences in Portugal

11 February 2021 The French group Orpea, which has been operating in Portugal for two years, is planning to invest in 24 new senior residences. The investment could involve the conversion of hotels into assisted living facilities. Orpea is working in conjunction with the Visabeira Group, which will build the units, and from which the […]

Senior Citizens’ Residence in Braga Target of €12-Million Investment

3 February 2021 The Braga City Council has approved the project for a new senior citizens’ residence, located near the city’s historic centre, after receiving a favourable opinion from the Northern Cultural Regional Directorate. Construction is forecast to conclude in 2022. The €12-million investment will fund the construction of three buildings, one new. The existing […]

Israelis Invest €10 Million in Luxury Co-Living Project in Porto

10 November 2020 – Willa, an Israeli luxury housing startup, will open its first co-living development. The flats, with shared spaces, are designed to help combat loneliness in senior citizens. Two buildings in a former working-class neighbourhood in Porto will become a luxury housing project, after a total investment of over 10 million euros. The […]