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Property Funds Lost €66.4 Million in AUMs in January

Assets under management (AUMs) held by Real Estate Investment Funds (FII), Special Real Estate Investment Funds (FEII), and Real Estate Asset Management Funds FUNGEPI fell in January.

Corum Investments Raised over €500m in 2020

19 February 2021 Corum Investments announced that its funds raised €509 million from 11,000 new clients last year. CORUM Origin and CORUM XL are marketed in Portugal and posted gains of 6% and 5.66%, respectively. Corum Investments, which has been in Portugal since 2019, largely escaped the effects of the pandemic. The investment manager stated […]

Real Estate Investment Funds with €10.6 Billion Under Management at Year End

25 January 2021 According to data published by Portugal’s Securities Market Commission (CMVM), real estate investment funds (FII), special real estate investment funds (FEII) and the real estate management funds (FUNGEPI) had a total of 10.5836 billion euros under management in December 2020, an increase of €159.0 million (1.52%) compared to November. Interfundos (12.5%), Square […]

Real Estate Funds Grow in November

23 December 2020 – Assets under management (AUM) in Portuguese real estate funds totalled 10.4241 billion euros in November, an increase of €67.2 million (0.65%) month-on-month, according to Portugal’s Securities Commission (CMVM). According to the report, assets in open funds, which total €4.046 billion, fell by 0.24% in the month. This drop was due to […]