Edición: Reabilitação Urbana

Cascais to Invest €200MM in Housing

Cascais aims to provide enough housing for 4,085 families by 2026. The municipality of Cascais’ website states that they will invest around 200MM euros by 2026 to “ensure access to decent housing for all and develop transformative housing policies.” Its Local Housing Strategy (ELH), developed by a team from the Municipality of Cascais with academics […]

Urban Rehabilitation Rose by 16.5% in November

AICCOPN’s report consists of a monthly survey of the Urban Rehabilitation market. According to the Urban Rehabilitation Barometer published today by AICCOPN (Associação dos Industriais da Construção Civil e Obras Públicas, the Activity Level and Order Book indices once again registered significant growth. The Level of Activity index saw an increase of 16.5% y-o-y, similar […]

Investments Flow Back to Porto’s Downtown and Historical Centre

The six-month investment flows to Porto’s downtown grew by 14% in value and 40% in the number of transactions.

Urban Regeneration Activity Increases 16.7%

The Urban Regeneration Backlog index increased by 16.0%.