Edición: Project Carter

Market for Portfolios of NPLs Peaks at Year-End with Sale of BCP’s Ellis and Webb and Novo Banco’s Carter

29 December 2020 – Ana Custódio According to an article in Eco Sapo, BCP is preparing to sell the “Ellis Project” to Davidson Kempner (which also acquired Nata 2 from Novo Banco) and the “Webb Project” to Arrow (which owns White Star and Norfin in Portugal) and Christofferson, Robb & Company, LLC. (CRC Fund). The […]

Novo Banco to Sell €200-Million Wilkinson Project by the End of the Year

3 November 2020 – Novo Banco has announced that it is putting a new portfolio of non-performing loans on sale. The portfolio, which is valued at just over 200 million euros,  is expected to sell by the end of the year, and has been dubbed the “Wilkinson Project.” The bank, which is helmed by António […]