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The Portuguese Real Estate Market in June

June is one of the most anticipated months throughout the country as it is a time of great festivities and also a period of downtime and vacations. However, this tranquility that reaches many sectors did not affect the real estate market, which once again showed strength with significant investments in various segments and again from […]

The Portuguese Real Estate Market in April

As the second quarter of the year gets underway, April proved to be a very robust month in terms of transactions and investments. Mainly in the housing and hotel segments, which continue to show their dynamism in recent months. We also highlight that Aura REE Portugal announced that it is now a member of IES […]

The State of the Portuguese Real Estate Market in September

September presented itself as a very active month, providing several announcements about investments and transactions throughout the weeks. After a very dynamic summer, the return to most activities brought up a very active real estate market in most segments. With particular emphasis on the housing, office and hotel segments, September saw several announcements which demonstrate […]