Edición: NPLs

Deva Acquires Harvey Project from Novo Banco

Novo Banco has sold the Harvey non-performing loan portfolio with around two dozen large debtors to the Deva fund. The Harvey Project initially had a value of €640 million. The bank led by António Ramalho sold the Harvey portfolio to the Deva fund. The bad debt portfolio includes major debtors such as Grupo Lena and […]

Whitestar Awarded Management of €200MM Portfolio

Whitestar Asset Solutions won a contract to manage a more than €200-million portfolio of debt comprising more than 3,700 loans from approximately 1,300 debtors.

Davidson Kempner Buys €216.3 Million in NPLs from Novo Banco

8 March 2021 – Ana Custódio Novo Banco announced that Davidson Kempner Capital Management had won the tender to acquire the Wilkinson Project, a portfolio of bad debts. In the statement, Novo Banco noted that: “The completion of the transaction, under the agreed terms, is expected to have a neutral to marginally positive direct impact […]

“We Are Confident that the Market is Alive and Well”, A Wealth of Optimism at the 3rd Edition of DDTalks – NPL Days 2021

1 March 2021 – Ana Custódio The 3rd edition of DDTalks – NPL Days 2021 took place online on February 22-24. The theme of the discussion on the first day centred around the “Portugal Non-Performing Loans Market” and covered a range of issues, opinions and updates regarding the sector in Portugal. The debate was moderated […]