Edición: Novo Banco

Harvey Project Sold for 52.3 Million Euros

The portfolio had a gross value of 164.4 million euros. The Securities Market Commission (CMVM) issued a statement yesterday confirming the sale of Project Harvey, a portfolio of non-performing loans, as well as the value of the operation, which had not been previously disclosed. According to the statement, “Project Harvey is a single name portfolio […]

Novo Banco to Sell €640 Million Harvey Project

Novo Banco’s portfolio of bad debts linked to major debtors, known as the Harvey Project is already on the market.

Davidson Kempner Buys €216.3 Million in NPLs from Novo Banco

8 March 2021 – Ana Custódio Novo Banco announced that Davidson Kempner Capital Management had won the tender to acquire the Wilkinson Project, a portfolio of bad debts. In the statement, Novo Banco noted that: “The completion of the transaction, under the agreed terms, is expected to have a neutral to marginally positive direct impact […]

ECS to Sell €1.5 Billion in Restructuring Funds

9 February 2021 ECS – Sociedade Gestora de Fundos de Capital de Risco has put itself up for sale, and a series of international investors have already demonstrated interest. The potential deal has attracted several international funds, including Bain Capital, Apollo, Blackstone, Fortress, Cerberus, Lone Star (which owns Novo Banco) and Arrow/Norfin. According to the […]