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In yet another week of public holidays in Portugal, as we’re already halfway through the year, last week remained calm in terms of announcements regarding investments and transactions, with special emphasis on the housing sector in the central and northern regions of the country. At the beginning of the week, Terzzit announced that it would […]

The State of the Portuguese Real Estate Market in May

Rounding out the first semester of the year, May brought a slew of announcements in the real estate market and new investments all over Portugal. There were deals in every market sector, with the principal emphasis on housing and hotels. If, on the one hand, bets on the Portuguese residential market are considered safe and […]


With summer coming, these last days of May began to heat up, and the same applied to the real estate market, which was particularly fervent during the last week. Real estate investments were particularly dynamic across the board. The week was beginning when Novo Banco announced the sale of a portfolio of logistics properties. The […]

“All of our clients are special” – Nuno Pombal, Project and Development Services at Aura Ree Portugal and Spain’s Business Development Services department

Nuno Pombal, Project and development services from the Business Development Services department of Aura Ree Portugal and Spain Nuno Pombal, who was trained and had plenty of experience in interior architecture and construction, tells us about the challenges with permanent contact between investors and owners and lifts the veil on some of the most interesting […]