Edición: Davidson Kempner

Davidson Kempner Buys €216.3 Million in NPLs from Novo Banco

8 March 2021 – Ana Custódio Novo Banco announced that Davidson Kempner Capital Management had won the tender to acquire the Wilkinson Project, a portfolio of bad debts. In the statement, Novo Banco noted that: “The completion of the transaction, under the agreed terms, is expected to have a neutral to marginally positive direct impact […]

Market for Portfolios of NPLs Peaks at Year-End with Sale of BCP’s Ellis and Webb and Novo Banco’s Carter

29 December 2020 – Ana Custódio According to an article in Eco Sapo, BCP is preparing to sell the “Ellis Project” to Davidson Kempner (which also acquired Nata 2 from Novo Banco) and the “Webb Project” to Arrow (which owns White Star and Norfin in Portugal) and Christofferson, Robb & Company, LLC. (CRC Fund). The […]