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Portuguese Banks’ Bad Debts Fell to 4.9% by the End of 2020

Non-performing loans (NPLs) in Portugal’s banking sector continued to decrease in 2020, ending the year at 4.9%.

Rental Contracts Increase by 19.4% in the Last Quarter of 2020

The number of new rental contracts increased by 19.4% quarter-on-quarter, while rental prices also rose, albeit at a slower pace.

Discovery Fund on Sale for 400 Million Euros

Portugal’s banks have put their stakes in the Discovery Portugal Real Estate Fund tourism fund, valued at over US$400 million, up for sale.

Prices Fall in Porto’s Parishes

According to data from the big data real estate platform Brainsre, the average price of residential rental housing in Porto stood at 10.2 euros per square meter. The average monthly payment reached 958 euros per month.