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“All of our clients are special” – Nuno Pombal, Project and Development Services at Aura Ree Portugal and Spain’s Business Development Services department

Nuno Pombal, Project and development services from the Business Development Services department of Aura Ree Portugal and Spain Nuno Pombal, who was trained and had plenty of experience in interior architecture and construction, tells us about the challenges with permanent contact between investors and owners and lifts the veil on some of the most interesting […]


The last week was marked by some news and investments in the Portuguese real estate market. The highlight was the hotel sector, where the most significant announcements from north to south of the country predominated. At the beginning of the week, it came to light that a German transport and logistics multinational had opened a […]


This week’s sale of an office building on Avenida de Berna for 15 million euros was the most noteworthy. At the start of a month, when summer is already making itself felt, the sun also seems to be shining on the entire real estate sector. The dynamism is apparent all over the country, including the […]

The State of the Portuguese Real Estate Market in April

Residential The month was halfway through when the beginning of the construction of MERECES 718 was announced, in an 8-million-euro investment. The first building of the new multipurpose complex, developed by dstgroup, includes 36 flats and two shops in Barcelinhos, the municipality of Barcelos. Focused on creating a familiar and safe environment, the project has […]