Spain’s INVARIA Invests in Housing in Lisbon

In total, 220 flats will be placed on the residential market in Lisbon.

Located at Rua Armando Ferreira 5, Quinta de Santa Clara, Lisbon, the project consists of 6 distinct plots, with a total land area of 16,994 m2. The project, which has an approved PIP, will have an aboveground construction area of 19,260 m2. The PIP defines what has to be transferred to the Lisbon City Council and other obligations.

Based in Madrid, INVARIA is selling the land, which already includes all necessary infrastructure, with accesses and a roundabout. The PIP also consists of a retail area that has been approved as a supermarket. An investor will only have to carry out the architectural project, licensing and construction.

Housing Supply

At a time when the shortage of housing supply in the main urban centres is high, combined with the lack of land approved for construction in the city of Lisbon and its surroundings, INVARIA’s project is expected to attract young couples to Lisbon, as well as being an attraction for the younger generation who come to study in the capital. The lack of housing with controlled costs means that young people and the middle class do not have access to quality housing in Lisbon. This is a project that gives access to a product with good value for money.

The plot in Ameixoeira, a parish bordering Lumiar and the municipalities of Loures and Odivelas, has an excellent location and easy access, being, on the one hand very close to the North-South Axis and on the other hand, near to the Metro yellow line, between Senhor Roubado and Lumiar stations. The line provides easy access to the University City, Lisbon Airport and Eduardo VII Park. Ameixoeira is an increasingly sought after residential destination, combining the cosmopolitan experience of a location close to the centre of Lisbon with the advantage of enjoying a vast transport network. It also benefits from proximity to services, educational and commercial facilities, and cultural and leisure attractions.

Finally, one of the great potentials of the project is the fact that plot 6, which has 11 floors and the largest construction area, can also be converted into a university residence. This possbility makes the development even more attractive for construction at a time when student residences are increasingly emerging in the city of Lisbon.

INVARIA is a Spanish company based in Madrid. It specializes in the real estate sector with experience in all types of operations (investment, divestment, valuation of real estate assets, urban management, WIPs and acquisition of NPLs / REOs).