Sana Hotels Group Invests 238 Million Euros in Lisbon

The hospitality group is betting heavily on the city of Lisbon, including some projects that are scheduled to open as early as next summer.

One of the largest ongoing developments on Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo is the SANA Marquês hotel, where two buildings are being joined, where construction started in December 2019. The €48-million hotel, with about 800 beds, will be one of the largest in Lisbon, according to the weekly newspaper Expresso.

The Vasco da Gama Tower, in Parque das Nações, will also reopen for public visits this summer, after works totalling €3 million that included the construction of a dome at the top, where a new tourist attraction for the city is planned. The dome will be reached by way of two panoramic lifts. Built for Expo-98, the Torre Vasco da Gama includes natural gardens and was created on top of the 23-floor hotel.

The hospitality group also has a major project in the pipeline for Rua do Ouro, in downtown Lisbon, which involves the rehabilitation of two entire city blocks previously occupied by banks, whose buildings were bought from BCP in 2018 and CGD in 2019. Still in the final stages of licensing, with its opening planned in 2025, the new luxury hotels represent an investment of 135 million euros, according to Expresso.

SANA is also undertaking the rehabilitation of the Convento da Graça in the capital. Still in the licensing phase, the project involves rehabilitating the ruined former convent into a five-star hotel with 147 rooms, in a 40 million euro investment, designed by architect Frederico Valsassina.

The SANA group has other investments currently underway, including the SANA Evolution hotel in Estoril. It now has ten hotels in Lisbon, out of 13 across the country, including units in the Algarve (Epic in Albufeira), Sesimbra and Caldas da Rainha, and a hotel in Berlin and another in Luanda.