Quinta de Santo António Country House & Villas Inaugurated After €8-Million Investment

The new hotel is located in the municipality of Marco de Canaveses, which comes to a gap in hospitality in the Douro and Tâmega.

Quinta de Santo António – Country House & Villas, located in Marco de Canaveses, has already opened to the public, offering 22 rooms, including 12 suites and ten independent villas. The hotel is set in a XIX-century manor and boasts a bar and external lounge, sitting on the banks of the Tâmega river delta.

Jorge Azevedo of Alpendorada, Marco de Canaveses, personally invested approximately 8 million euros in the new facility. Mr Azevedo has been involved in a range of projects over the last ten years, including textiles, construction, agriculture, retail, real estate and now hotels. According to the executive, the hotel is his “most passionate investment, because it is like my home. And I make a point of welcoming visitors to my house.”

Close to one of the largest granite extraction and transformation clusters in northern Portugal, this hotel has prepared a hall to host exhibitions and conventions. Quinta de Santo António has a signature restaurant and gastro-bar, and the chef has created a menu that is faithful to the region’s best flavours. Situated at the mouth of the river Tâmega, the Foz gastro-bar, in the shape of a leaf, offers a suspended terrace, almost on top of the river, with a view of the village Entre-os-rios. The space has an open entrance via the Torrão pier.

“In the green Douro of Carmen Miranda, before reaching the wine Douro of Miguel Torga, there is good food, forgotten heritage and places that don’t seem to be from “here” (Portugal),” according to the hotel. Adriano Freitas, Quinta de Santo António’s manager, sees the facility as “a country house. Your country home with hotel service.”

Life at Quinta de Santo António – Country House & Villas, offers sailing on the Douro and Tâmega rivers, sailing, yachting, stand-up-paddle, and kayaking.  The lifestyle of those who travel to experience the gastronomy, go for walks and contemplate the landscape will find in the particularities of the hotel and its location a compelling reason to visit the region.