PRR to Finance 100% of 26,000 Homes Under First Right Law

According to an announcement on the Portuguese Republic’s official website, 100% financing for homes under the First Right housing law is now available. The government published the Public Notice no. 01/CO2-i01/2021, which, through the Recovery and Resilience Plan, permits the 100% financing of up to 26,000 homes.

Municipalities may now apply to the Institute of Housing and Urban Rehabilitation, IP (IHRU) for the financing.

The move envisages the delivery of 26,000 homes to households in precarious and vulnerable situations, whose undignified housing situation is considered within the scope of Local Housing Strategies (ELH) by the second quarter of 2026.

The statement highlights “the need for housing solutions to incorporate environmental measures, including high energy efficiency standards for new builds, as well as for renovations.”

Applications may be submitted using forms available on Portugal’s Housing Portal.