Portugal Named One of the Top Five Best Locations to Retire

10 March 2021 – Ana Custódio

Portugal held on to its ranking this year as one of the top five best places for spending one’s retirement years.

Portugal is now ranked fifth in the list, still considered one of the best places in the world to retire, even though it fell from first place last year. The ranking is based on the magazine International Living’s 10, which publishes a list of the best places to spend one’s retirement every year.

The annual index ranks the world’s top places to retire based on ten criteria, including the cost of living, climate, health, housing, and retiree benefits, among others. The report focuses particularly on social relations in Portugal: “The Portuguese are warm, friendly and greet everyone with kisses on both cheeks. As English is taught in schools, many Portuguese speak a little English, which makes retirement here a little easier.”

According to an article in Diário Imobiliário, Costa Rica took first place this year, followed by Panama and Mexico in second and third place. Colombia and Portugal took the last two of the top five spots. The five best-ranked also included Ecuador (6th), Malaysia (7th), France (8th), Malta (9th), and finally, Vietnam at number ten.

The Index speaks of the advantages to living in Portugal: “It’s no wonder Portugal has topped the lists of the best places to retire over the years. This tiny country in the southwestern corner of Europe has something for everyone.” From one end of the country to the other, Portugal has something for every taste.

Translation: Richard Turner