Mortgage Loan Interest Rates Down to 0.801%

The rate was 0.6 basis points lower than in the previous month.

According to data released yesterday by the National Institute of Statistics, the implicit interest rate on all mortgage contracts in Portugal stood at 0.801% in December (vs 0.807% in the previous month). For contracts signed within the last three months, the interest rate fell from 0.692% in November to 0.682% in December.

The average outstanding principal debt rose by 123 euros to 58,207 euros, in the month under review. The average instalment remained at 253 euros. The average annual interest rate for total mortgage loans in 2021 was 0.821%, 13.6 b.p. less than the previous year. The average capital rose by 2,428 euros to 56,668 euros. The average monthly instalment rose by 1.7% (4 euros) to 237 euros.

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