José Covas Named as an International Accredited Mediator for Real Estate Disputes

José Covas, President of RICS in Portugal and Head of Portugal at Aura REE, is now a RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) International Mediator and Accredited Surveyor. Mr Covas is capable of mediating the most complex worldwide disputes in land, property, construction and infrastructure, to the highest standards.

The RICS training programme is recognised as a Certified Mediator by the International Mediation Institute. Professionals who successfully complete the training programme are eligible to be recognised as IMI Qualified Mediators. They can do so by registering with their course certificate on IMI’s website at

According to Jose Covas, “A mediator helps clarify and prioritize issues, crystallize needs, ascertain the facts and assist parties in finding solutions. They are facilitators who guide and manage the respective parties through a process of controlled negotiations designed to prevent escalating conflicts.”

Mr Covas can now boost his professional activities through the use of the ‘RICS Accredited Mediator or RICS Evaluative Mediator’ qualifications.

Founded in 1792, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is the largest and oldest professional association in the field of construction and real estate. As an institution, the quality of service its members provide to clients and to society in general is one of its major concerns. RICS has done its best to support communities, tenants, landlords and citizens in general during the Covid-19 crisis and is prepared to live up to its economic responsibilities as society reopens.