Israelis Invest €10 Million in Luxury Co-Living Project in Porto

10 November 2020Willa, an Israeli luxury housing startup, will open its first co-living development. The flats, with shared spaces, are designed to help combat loneliness in senior citizens. Two buildings in a former working-class neighbourhood in Porto will become a luxury housing project, after a total investment of over 10 million euros. The project will include 39 flats, from studios to two-bedroom apartments.

According to Afonso Oliveira, a spokesperson for Willa in Portugal the firm is looking to target the empty-nest generation, which is primarily made up of people the ages of 55 and 75, whose children have already moved out. The flats, which are in the heart of the city, would provide its residents with a new way of life or even a second life.

Original Story: Diário Imobiliário – Rodolfo Alexandre Reis

Translation/Summary: Richard Turner