Insula Capital Launches €100 Million Real Estate Fund

The new €100-million fund will seize opportunities across sectors and acquire assets in Portugal and other European capitals, including the UK and Switzerland.

Insula Capital, acquired in August 2018 by a private investor, is a Lisbon-based real estate investment firm. It has just announced that it would launch the €100-million RE Capital Property Fund I. According to an article on Hospitality insights, the venture capital vehicle will leverage Portuguese real estate opportunities.

The fund will acquire income-generating assets in sought-after locations in Portugal and other European capitals. Its strategy will involve making capital gains on development projects in the real estate sector, primarily in the housing, commercial, retail and hotel sectors.

RE Capital Property Fund I is a closed-ended fund with a subscription period of 24 months and an overall term of 8 years. The target is an internal rate of return of around 6% and a net return on investment of 50%.

Translation: Richard D K Turner