Icade Santé Acquires Three Lusíadas Group Hospitals for €213 Million

The four hospitals have a total area of 90,000 square metres and more than 500 beds.

The French group Icade Santé has acquired four private hospitals, the Hospital Privado S. Gonçalo and another three from the Lusíadas group. The four hospitals make up the entire portfolio of Fidelidade’s SaúdeInveste fund, according to the Portuguese daily newspaper Jornal de Negócios.

The investment in the portfolio, which is made up of four private hospitals, three of which are from the Lusíadas group and another from HPA Saúde, totalled 213 million euros. Icade Santé acquired the entire SaudeInveste fund, adding that this was its first investment in Portugal.

The four hospitals provide a total area of 90,000 square metres and over 500 beds. The three properties of the Lusíadas group are located in Lisbon, Porto and Albufeira, and the fourth property, Hospital Privado S. Gonçalo, of the HPA Saúde group, is located in Lagos.