Housing Purchases by Foreign Buyers Down 19% in Lisbon’s Urban Rehabilitation Area

According to data compiled by Confidencial Imobiliário, covering housing transactions by individuals in Lisbon’s ARU (Lisbon Urban Rehabilitation Area), foreign buyers invested 324.7 million euros, buying 625 residential properties, in the Lisbon Urban Rehabilitation Area during the first half of this year. The figure represents a drop of 19% compared to the second half of 2019, the six-month period before the pandemic when housing transactions by foreign buyers amounted to €398.7 million.

The number of properties purchased showed a more significant drop (-28%), as 870 properties were bought and sold in the latter half of 2019. This is also the lowest half-yearly amount invested by foreigners. It was also the lowest activity level in the first half of this year since the first half of 2018, both in the number of transactions (-20%) and amount (-15%).

In a clear deceleration in relation to the 37% share during the pre-Covid era and the 40% share last year, foreign capital accounted for 31% of all residential investment in the Lisbon ARU. Domestic investment in housing totalled €726 million, corresponding to 2,108 properties, during the same period. Domestic investment increased slightly compared to 2019 (+5%) and by approximately 25% compared to either half of 2020.