Housing Prices Increased by More Than 10% in Half of the District Capitals in 2021

Only four cities were at this level in 2020.

The figures stem from Confidencial Imobiliário’s latest Residential Price Index. The data demonstrates that the second year of the pandemic brought an intensification in the increase of the sale prices of houses in most of the district capital cities in Portugal.

In 2021, half of the district capitals on mainland Portugal saw year-on-year increases of more than 10%. Only four cities reached that level in 2020. The analysis was based on data reported to the SIR-Residential Information System.

During that period, Faro led the ranking of annual increases in housing prices (+26.4%), followed by Setúbal (18.7%), Viseu (18.5%) and Aveiro (17.3%). In the range between 10% and 15%, besides Lisbon (+11.7%) and Porto (+10.3%), were Coimbra (13.5%), Beja (+11.8%) and Braga (+11.4%).

The remaining district capitals saw rises in 2021 of between 5% and 10%, with the sole exception of Santarém, where house prices decreased by 3.5% compared to 2020. The highest increase was around 14% (in Viana do Castelo) during that year, with Aveiro, Portalegre and Porto being the only other cities where prices increased by more than 10%.

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