House Prices Rose by 9.5% in the Last Year

The news regarding house prices come from the publication of the Residential Price Index for Portugal.

According to the Residential Price Index for Mainland Portugal, the result of Confidencial Imobiliário’s September analysis, house prices in the country, based on sales, increased by 9.5% since the start of the pandemic in March last year.

With accumulated increases that rarely passed 2.0%, and after a period of stabilisation in the first year of the pandemic, price rises in the post-Covid period have been gaining steam since last April. While the accumulated appreciation since March 2020 stood at just 3.5%, this indicator had already reached 7.2% at the end of June and increased to 9.5% by September.

House prices increased by 0.9% m-o-m in September 2021, a marginal change to the increase of 0.6% in June and July. The third quarter accumulated a 2.1% rise, down from 4.5% in the second quarter.

According to Confidencial Imobiliário, prices rose by 9.4% y-o-y in September. That figure is almost seven percentage points above the 2.6% increase observed at the beginning of this year.

The average sale price of a home on mainland Portugal reached €1,895/m2 in the third quarter of 2021, standing at €2,438/m2 in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon, €1,905/m2 in the Metropolitan Area of Porto and €2,032/m2 in the Algarve.

It should be noted that Confidencial Imobiliário’s Residential Price Index tracks changes to house prices, as derived from sales data reported to the SIR – Residential Information System.