Hi Fly Group Looks to Acquire Land for New Logistics Centre Near Beja Airport

The Hi Fly group will build a logistics centre for its subsidiary, Mesa, in the vicinity of Beja airport, in a 10-million-euro investment.

According to the Lusa news agency, the group that owns Mesa, which in turn owns an aircraft maintenance hangar at Beja airport, has announced that it will develop a new logistics centre nearby.

The facility, which “will be located near the airport, ideally in its immediate vicinity, and we are currently searching for suitable land with sufficient construction capacity,” would be the target of the planned €10-million investment. The project has received support from the company and its shareholders, according to the Hi Fly group.

Hi Fly’s new 9,000-m2 logistics centre aims to support the increased development of aircraft maintenance operations at the airport. It will have a storage area for parts and consumables for aircraft and workshops and another three thousand square metres of offices.

Beja City Council has been asked to identify viable land in the vicinity of the airport. Hi Fly estimates that it would need six months to develop plans for the project once the land has been acquired and another six months for licensing. The construction itself would take about 18 months.

Hi Fly has been using the Beja airport since 2016 for aircraft parking and line maintenance. Mesa’s hangar on the site officially opened and started operating in January of this year.