Euribor Rises at Three and Six Months, Down at 12 Months

The three-month Euribor also rose to -0.563%.

Today, the six-month Euribor interest rate rose by 0.004 to -0.537%, after having fallen to -0.542%, an all-time low, on November 25.

According to an article in Notícias ao Minuto, Euribor rose at three and six months, while the 12-month rate fell today compared to  Thursday.

The most used in Portugal to index mortgages, the six-month Euribor rate, advanced today to -0.537%, up 0.004 points, after falling to a low of -0.542% on November 25.

According to the newspaper, the three-month Euribor rose to -0.563%, up 0.002 points, compared to an all-time low of -0.583%, reached on November 24.

On the other hand, the 12-month rate fell to -0.500%, down 0.002 points, versus a low of -0.515%, set on February 2.

Euribor is determined by the average rate at which a group of 57 banks in the Eurozone are willing to lend money to each other on the interbank market.

The three, six and 12-month Euribor rates fell below zero in 2015 on April 21, November 6 and February 5, respectively.

Changes in the interest rates are closely linked to increases or decreases in the European Central Bank’s (ECB) benchmark interest rates.