€8 Million Investment in Quinta do Paral Wine Hotel, Restaurant and Winery

Four years ago, the German executive Dieter Morszeck acquired Quinta do Paral in Vidigueira, the Alentejo, which now is changing. The new project will feature a new winery and include investments in the wine production process. Quinta do Paral will also focus on wine tourism through a boutique wine hotel and a restaurant conceived by the Alentejo-based chef José Júlio Vintém.

Quinta do Paral gained new life in August 2017 when the entrepreneur, former president and grandson of the founder of the luxury luggage brand Rimowa, acquired 85 hectares of land in the Alentejo.

According to Mr Morszeck, “When I decided to invest in this project, my dream was to build a family business where we would create exceptional wines that reflect the character of this terroir and provide unparalleled experiences through our services, such as the creation of the Boutique Wine Hotel and wine tourism. We started by investing in the acquisition of old vines, moved on to the winery’s expansion, and started the construction of the Boutique Wine Hotel, which will be a wonderful space with many gardens where we can rest in a tranquil environment away from the bustle of big cities. I want visitors to Quinta do Paral to have the same experience that I had when I arrived in the Alentejo and that I continue to have when I visit these lands.”

The Boutique Wine Hotel, which is being built in the vicinity of Quinta do Paral, will be a unique project, different from any other in the region, with an estimated investment of €6.5 million. Comprising 23 luxurious rooms and a restaurant with traditional Alentejo cuisine, the tourist resort aims to provide its future guests with the Alentejan “way of life.”

According to Luís Morgado Leão, Quinta do Paral’s oenologist, “We are building a Boutique Wine Hotel, which will include a restaurant, where the pleasure of enjoying nature, together with the fine Alentejo gastronomy and the Quinta do Paral wines, will provide unforgettable experiences. We believe that chef José Júlio Vintém is the right person to show the best that the land gives us. We want to create an urban-rural concept in Vidigueira, with seasonal products coming directly from the vegetable garden and the orchard of Quinta do Paral, which will be next to the restaurant.”

Quinta do Paral needed to invest in a new winery, with the purchase of more hectares of old vines, in order to increase the fermentation, storage and ageing capacity of its wines. With the investment of €1.8 million in infrastructure and equipment, the aim is to produce more elegant, top-quality wines that express Vidigueira’s unmistakable character.