Corum Investments Raised over €500m in 2020

19 February 2021

Corum Investments announced that its funds raised €509 million from 11,000 new clients last year. CORUM Origin and CORUM XL are marketed in Portugal and posted gains of 6% and 5.66%, respectively.

Corum Investments, which has been in Portugal since 2019, largely escaped the effects of the pandemic. The investment manager stated that the “impact of Covid-19 on rents was marginal, reducing the annual profitability of Corum Origin by just 0.08% [to 6%] and that of Corum XL by only 0.04%”, for an annual return of 5.66%. Occupancy rates at the sites managed by both funds also remained at a “high level (financial occupancy rate of over 98%).”

Original Story: Eco Sapo – Rita Robalo Rosa

Translation: Richard Turner