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IVSC launches public consultation on changes to the International Valuation Standards

The consultation invites input from a diverse range of industry professionals, regulators, investors, financial institutions, and other parties involved in the preparation, review, or reliance on valuations.

The State of the Portuguese Real Estate Market in May

Rounding out the first semester of the year, May brought a slew of announcements in the real estate market and new investments all over Portugal. Th...


Everyone knows that the market is rapidly changing, becoming more and more time-sensitive. Therefore, valuation specialists, like physicians, accountants or builders, need to keep themselves up to date. As the market evolves, clients’ analyses of their investment needs and interests are becoming more sophisticated.

Professionalism is Also Learned!

The construction sector has been holding up well despite the Covid-19 pandemic, maintaining the pace of production and growth seen over the last few years (pre-pandemic levels). Confidence in the construction and public works sectors have also stayed steady.